My plan


Better Education

As a father of 3 school-aged kids and a teacher at the Brown University Medical School, education is extremely important to me.  I’m sure you feel as I do that every child in RI deserves the best education possible.  One of the reasons that motivated me to run is the fact that RI spends as much money per child on education as Massachusetts, but while they rank 1st in the country, we rank only 25th.  We must do better.  Even our best school districts can be better.

I want to work to make sure that the tax dollars used for education go into the classroom where it belongs—helping teachers and students succeed. I know we can do better.


Better Healthcare

As a doctor, I’m aware of the unique healthcare challenges facing Rhode Island.  Costs continue to rise which puts a burden on our most vulnerable neighbors.  Many laws passed can have an indirect effect on healthcare, but even laws intended to address healthcare are made on Smith Hill without the input of someone who works in the field.

I’m a physician who works with Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurers, and I plan to bring my expertise to the table to make sure that bills put forward make sense. Every Rhode Islander deserves to live a healthy and productive life, with dignity. I know we can do better.


BETTER Government

As a taxpayer I’m frustrated by the reality that many of our laws are being passed at the last minute, sometimes with little input from the people, and often consigned to closed-door, business-as-usual deals that serve only special interests.  I’m asking for your vote to be your Representative because that is what I intend to do: represent you.  If elected, I’ll hold office hours at the Lincoln Library twice a month to hear what is important to you.  I’ve set up a Facebook page called Friends of Bradley Collins where I’ll post upcoming bills, work to understand district residents’ concerns, and gauge opinion on how I should vote.

As a representative entrusted with serving the interests of my constituents, I plan to make myself more accessible by phone. I know we can do better.


If you feel as I do, please support me in my campaign to make our district and our state better.

We can be better!